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What is Voice iP?
If you want to use the latest IP communication based systems in your business, Voice iP takes IP Convergence to a new level:

  • 3 Voice Systems
  • Videoconferencing - desktop and room based
  • Complete Mobility integration - Mobile as an office
  • Eliminate PC's in the workplace - No more upgrade issues
  • Full data networks - secure and managed
Office Communications

Convergence Definition
Convergence means the bringing together of all these technologies and aligning them with the business needs within your organisation.

In the Voice iP model upgrade costs are minimised if not eliminated and install becomes like turning on a light.

New Ways of Thinking
Old ways of looking at communications costs and technologies have changed for ever.

No more is it justified to only crunch numbers and bash up a supplier for reduced rates. Its time for a quantum leap to take the communications of your business to the next level.

Voice iP is here to help advise and manage that process to completion.

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