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Using Voice iP's services lets business have access to IP phone platforms, computing technologies, videoconferencing, mobility integration, managed wide area networks (WAN)/ internet connections with anti spam/virus and web content filtering and managed security features. Convergence Solutions

How this works is simple, initially some clients are just looking to upgrade either their WAN or Internet supply. They are pleasantly surprised when they find what the may also get in a managed Voice iP offering - access to all these services. Ease of upgrade and use, are the key reasons they choose these services as well as the cost effectiveness in having them in the same place.

Lets say they need to upgrade their phone system, they receive a box full of new High Definition IP phones which when plugged in, register to the core of the Voice iP network and are fully operational. That's it, all the intelligence resides in the core of the network.

You do not need to worry about reprogramming, maintenance or costly upgrades, it's all included in one low monthly cost per extension.

At the same time you may decide that Videoconferencing would be useful and with a simple download, all your staff will be able to participate in multi-party videoconferences, once again for a low cost per hour per user, as simple as that.

What about making your mobile users a part of your phone system? Well once again, an email gets your entire mobile workforce connected to your phone systems/videoconferences so when they want to call someone in the office they press a speed dial for a free call to the office and have the ability to put the other person on hold, transfer, setup a teleconference, all for free from their mobile! At the same time, when their internal phone rings their mobile also rings! When they answer on the mobile they can place on hold, conference, park the call like their internal desk phone can do, for free!!

This is what converged communications is all about, accessing everything from the one spot, securely and managed.

Saves you time and money and lets you have things you have only dreamed about in the past.

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